Always Connected Your World

– Instant Connection

– 4G LET

– Connect 5 Devices

– Easy & Affordable Rental Service


Instant connection anywhere
Unlimited data ensures you are always able to stay connected while traveling abroad

4G Connection
4G high-speed internet access up to 150Mbpsfor downloading and 50Mbps for uploading.

Connect up to 5 devices
Connect up to 5 WiFi enabled device (e.g. smartphones, tablets and laptops) assessing internet simultaneously.

Affordable Price
and hassle free
Get easily connected. Sim-free, hassle-free and no overage charges

Battery Life 15 Hours After full of Charge
Built As A Power Bank

How it works

3 easy steps to preparing before abroad

Book your B-WIFI
Rent B-WIFI global travel WiFi based on your travel plans. Save more with low rates and never worry about roaming charges again. No SIMs or tedious configuration needed.

Enjoy B-WIFI where ever you go
We’ll deliver your B-WIFI 2 days before your travel date or you can pick it up at our pick-up point. Simply turn on your B-WIFI and you can connect up to 5 WiFi enabled devices simultaneously. Enjoy unlimited data and fast secure WiFi connection across 108 countries. Happy B-WIFI.

Return your B-WIFI
Done with your travel? Return B-WIFI You can choose to have us pick it up as well


Instant connection wherever you go
Turn it on and connect instantly. Travel to different countries without the need to change sim card or setting.

Fast 4G LTE connection
Use multiple telco provider and shift to fastest available connection at every location with over 300 partners world wide.

Connect up to 5 devices
B-WIFI can be shared between 5 wifi enabled device while maintaining strong fast 4G LTE connection.

Cheapest and fastest, GUARANTEED
We’ll match our price if a cheaper price is found.

Unlimited Quota For Japan, Taiwan, Korea & Singapore

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